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In the Aztec symbolism, the flower represents gentleness, the pleasures of the flesh lol and sensuality. It is the adornment of nature, thanks to the delicacy of its perfume and its shimmering colors. With it, existence assumes a lightness necessary for the repose of the soul. The natives of the flower possess the rare quality of transforming in beauty everything they touch. This miracle, they make it share with their entourage because, for them, all joy must be communicated to be real.

Very conscious of their talents, they do everything with moderation and restraint, in order to keep others under their grip and charm. But this power is not the expression of a tyranny; on the contrary, it is made of grace and seduction. Thus, it is with rapture and pleasure that one lets oneself be taken in their wonderful nets and carry by their original and inspired words.

Their weak points are a penchant for play and the pleasures of the flesh which, if they do not take care, can tarnish their brilliance. Mysterious, they fascinate, and it is not always known how to approach them. They want to remain elusive. In the Aztec tradition, the snake symbolizes the masculine and feminine principles without which all life would be impossible.

In the Aztec imagination, the feathered Serpent represents redemptive power, the one that reconciles. The calm after the storm… The personality of the Feathered Serpent is rather difficult to pin down. In its line of life are inscribed longevity and prosperity. Gifted for communication, the natives always succeed in finding a solution to their advantage. Nothing seems to reach them, as they seem to control their feelings and their impulses.

But it is only an appearance … because they are animated by a very fine sensibility. The problem is that they want to keep their image and do not want to leave anything out of their fragility.

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At home they subtly cohabit femininity and masculinity, and they feel constantly torn between these two currents. To achieve harmony, they must find a balance between these two poles, and this is not easy because they are not always ready to let go. For the community, they are proving to be effective mediators, capable of reversing the most critical situations and developing solutions that nobody will question. In reality, they are more often feared than they are loved …. Capable of upsetting the waters and the sky, the wind was a mystery to the Aztecs, who feared its furies and its power.

So they built houses to measure. The natives of the Wind show an overflowing imagination.

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They are born inventors. Equipped with remarkable physical and psychic flexibility, they can accomplish the most incredible intellectual acrobatics while remaining always perfectly coherent. Pedagogues in the soul, they know how to transmit their knowledge with charm and elegance.

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Their main quality is knowing how to circumvent the obstacles that stand in front of them. Detesting the direct confrontations, they prefer to tack so as not to expose themselves too much. At the price, of course, concessions, sometimes even certain compromises.

It matters little to them: for them, the essential thing is to achieve their goal. Also, do not over-rely on them to clear a problem … Wind natives have a keen mind but can remain quite superficial. Indeed, their curiosity prevents them from deepening things. A little touchy, they struggle to make a decision and stick to it.

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The same is true in the sentimental domain. Over the years, however, they will succeed in stabilizing, when they realize that running is of little use and that they will have learned to persevere.

In Aztec thought, ocelot is synonymous with strength, even violence. The Ocelot is the bearer of the power of the Sun. No one can resist his power.

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In him are expressed the tendencies of construction and destruction - good and evil … He knows where he wants to go and uses all means to achieve his ends. Voluntary, fiercely individualistic, the natives of the Ocelot enjoy an intuition that allows them to apprehend events well in advance. What strikes you when you see them is their determination.

Aztec Surnames: a Modern Link to a Proud Hertiage

Indeed, it seems that nothing and no one can make them deviate from their purpose, even if it seems impossible to attain. As soon as a situation can serve their ambition, they seize it to derive all the advantages. Their areas of focus are trade and human resources. Nevertheless, their tremendous energy turns against them.

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Their impulsive side is likely to play tricks on them, especially on the emotional side. In this domain, their instinct no longer guides them, hence disillusioning sometimes difficult to accept. But it is the price that they will have to pay until they clearly choose to put their sentimental life first. In the Aztec symbolism, death occupies a preponderant place. It carries within it the very principle of life. Indeed, according to the Aztec philosophy, every disappearance necessarily generates an apparition?

It is the rhythm of evolution. The Aztecs considered that, without death, there could be no renewal: it was the only one to make the transformations necessary for the progress of society. The memory linked to history is essential for them, because it makes it possible to judge our evolution on the collective level. Frank and loyal, they respect their commitments and demand that others do the same. Those who would have the misfortune to run out of words would never again find favor in their eyes. This intransigence is a force but also a weakness, because it often turns into a grudge.

In love, it is the same pattern. They need to feel respected and, on the other hand, are attentive partners, incapable of betrayal. Excellent counselors, faithful supporters, a kind of rock on which to rely, adversity does not frighten them. In case of a blow, they are ready to go to the sacrifice to make justice heard.

Their moral grandeur imposes respect. Try The Karma Quiz Now!! Your Aztec astrology reading is calculated by the day of your birth. No birth time is required for this. It may seem too simple, but there is power in this. Each day brings with it a quality of strength that once discovered can be utilized by the individual to become more powerful.

The Aztecs where serious about how a person must find their power in life to achieve great victories for themselves and for the community. You will receive a detailed interpretation of the Aztec zodiac signs that are apparent in you Aztec horoscope. The mysteries of the star does not have to be a mystery any longer.

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So make sure to add visualization, meditation, dreaming rituals too, calling in your true heart desires. Get ready to feel lighter. This baby owl feather was right where I decided to take this photo, so Yups reminder we are spiritually supported in incredible ways! September 25, Today is our 1 year friend anniversary! I tried for over an hour to make her move from under my car. I tried bribing her with dehydrated mango I shooed her, poked her soft fur I finally surrendered. It might be scary, but I promise to love you and take care of you. She fit right into my life, made it better Es un dios serpiente, temido y malvado que aborrece la humanidad.

Quiero hacer cortas historietas de como un humano miedoso, Ome Tuchtli, le toca compartir habitacion con un dios malvado, Usukun. The Sun Stone calendar is the calendar system that was used by the Mexica as well as other Pre-Columbian peoples of central Mexico.