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1 day ago Libra: here are your general predictions for the day November Libra: Your daily horoscope - November 11 Jan Feb 18 With just around the corner, it's time to make a start on your travel plans for the next.

These finer strokes are the rest of the planets. Yes, Ketu MD can lead to financial success and I have seen plenty of such cases. Any exalted planet helps. But malefics are generally good in upaachya bhavs of 3,6 and Even in 10th, a strong Ketu can give lots of rise and success to an individual. However such an individual, regardless of their material achievement in profession, works in a detached manner to their day to day job. When functionally benefic planets aspect or conjunct them, good results are given by the nodes in their dasas.

Very important is the dignity of the rasi lord and nakshatra lord of the depositor of the nodes too. The worst years of my life was from that left a lasting impression on me. My Ketu is exalted and in the 11 th combined with Guru and moon in Scorpio. Despite moon and mars being in parivarthana , the Kethu MD was singularly a bad period for me. After that all the others have been excellent. Had very good job. Lost it in Jan Had to go to court for remaining money from employer. But got it finally. Since then, not finding any job. Also money not coming in.

Big problem. Please help!!! Any remedies? But I dont do personal readings anymore. If I start doing them again, I will let you know for sure. My rahu is placed in saggitarius in U. Ashadha which lord is exalted in 9th house. Rahu is getting aspect from mars which is placed in 11th house. The real analysis will be from a complete analysis of your horoscope ofcourse. From the bare minimum you have portrayed, the answer is yes — the nodes will get functionality of Mars which is a Yoga Karaka for Leo ascendant.

This axis is occuring in say 3rd-9th houses. Focus on the rashi lords of the nodes and see where the rashi lords are placed and with what dignity. Also important is any other planet in the axis as the nodes will amplify and represent the significations of that house lord as well. Likewise any planet aspecting the nodes will be reflected in the behavior of the nodes.

Example saturn in 7th house in this case will aspect ketu in 9th and so ketu will partake effects of the what saturn rules in the horoscope etc. If Ketu in 2nd house getting 3rd aspect from Saturn what does it indicate. Are malefics in income and expenditure houses good for natal chart or if this is happening in d9 or d Generally malefics are good only in 3,6 11th and to some extent 10th house. But it depends on the functional nature of the planet and aspects on it as well as the dignity of the planet.

If jupiter is exalted in the 6th house and fully aspecting both ketu and its 2nd house and saturn is in 12th but also in own sign, this will not give poverty but many riches to the person who might be a millionaire. So no general conclusions are to be drawn. You make a very interesting point about malefics in 3, 6 and Is 10th house not a uppachaya house? I have seen many confused about Kumbha lagna. As Lagna lord rules both 1st and 12th house. Now assume Sat is in 10th house in its own Nak. Is this position of malefics weak.

Can Saturn as lagna lord harm the house it sits or aspects Or protects them. Jatin, as I just mentioned to another person here, it is impossible to learn astrology by a few tid bits here or there. Here is a good suggestion — re read most of the chapters I have written in order first to last…. Also intuition develops after looking at many horoscopes. I can not give too many individual responses. Not just because of a lack of time, but also because I get dozens everyday most of which I delete and more importantly its the wrong way to learn.

BUT most imporant are aspects even partial aspects are important. Please read my aspects article to see what partial aspects are. But a planet when aspecting its own house does no damage.

Why Ketu is so important in Vedic Astrology (Astrology breakthrough)

In this case the damage will be mostly to 7th house lorded by Sun enemy of saturn and marriage can be delayed or denied. If sun is very weak then damage is much more and so on…. I have often heard people saying Ketu in 9th create Bhagya dosh. Unfortunately the answer to your questions is — Depends. On what?

Ketu in libra or capricorn can be very good as well as very bad. There is no hard and fast rule unfortunately. You will find say ketu in capricorn in horoscopes of millionaires as well as beggars, genius IQ guys and mentally deficient people, healthy people and also terminally ill people. Read all the rules first and then a few more times to get a good mastery.

Then starts the real learning. By brute force of case studies. The more you do, better you will become. Once you have seen thousands of horoscopes, which will take years if not decades, you will know a lot of the answers yourself. Hello, sir I want to ask you something.

Man without any profession? I have a question about point In general, what results would you expect from Kethu Mahadasha if kethu is placed in Sagittarius in his own nakshatra and jupiter is in 4th house scorpio? If the native is not married, would you anticipate sudden unexpected negative events in romance or higher education? I do not want to bug you with queries specific to a particular chart but could not resist myself. Mercury in kethu nakshatra and Venus venus nakshatra are conjoined in the Ascendant. Saurav — as you might have guessed it is impossible to tell from the given data as the question is too generic and your assumption is right — I cant do individual readings due to a lack of time.

Not to encourage more such questions, stand alone this is not a bad configuration for Ketu. In its own nakshatra and exalted in saggi, it will give karaka results and with mercury in the same tara, the person will have a strong memory and intellect and good intuition skills. Hello Vivekji — What are the generic effects if the lagna and rashi lord ME for Mithuna is deeply combust, retrograde and at 1 degree rashi sandhi possibly?

That is how you will learn predictive astrology. Also in this case if venus joins mercury in libra or exchanges signs by being in virgo then you can have a good raj yoga as well.

Meaning of Rahu in the First House and Ketu in the 7th House - Star Oracles

Again no point in asking this individual questions in a tidbit fashion. Just put brute force practice and learn from case studies. I have a specific question on your Ketu posting.

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How does a parivartana affect the combination of Ketu in this case with Venus , Does it act more like a combination with mars? Please enlighten. Focus only on D1. Ketu conjunct Saturn in 11th house without any benific aspect for a Capricorn ascendent, what kind of karmic obligations in this birth does it represent? What must such an individual do to rectify his karmas, in terms of what actions he should take?

However stand alone, such a person will tend to be of a spiritual and detached mindset towards life and their job but will also have a tendency to cheat or involve in hidden activities in life for gaining money. But all depends on various aspects even partial aspects on the combination as well as operating dasas. Does it give negative effect in whole MD, specially in finance and profession areas.

So that is what you should analyze in detail. Nice read. I am Scorpio Ascendant. Any insights? I dont provide personal readings. If married, there will be stress in marriage. Sir ,if Jupiter and ketu in seventh house in cancer sign in birth chart is good r bad. Please suggest me. Horoscope has to be seen fully and not just one or 2 planets.

By itself Jupiter exalted in a kendra gives Hamsa mahapurush yoga which is good but being 12th lord in 7th house, some marriage issues can always be there. There can be a feeling of detachment towards marriage as well as sexuality in life. Both of my kids have moon-ketu at My son is cancer lagna with the moon-ketu at taurus and daughters virgo lagna with moon-ketu at cancer. Does this indicate any bad things for them and the family? Are these very bad placements? A horoscope has other permutations combinations to check to give a holistic result.

However stand alone, the placements you have mentioned are not bad. But standalone, these are good placements as Moon is strong. Hi, i have ketu conjunct my 7th house lord mercury , sun and uranus in my 12th house in aquarius. What are the effects of ketu here? Obviously each one will have a different destiny and its path. Hence an individual horoscope needs to be analyzed in detail before giving any predictions. I asked that question as your 1st point of ketu good for cancer lagna contradicts many people blogs which comments ketu in cancer is bad and in 1st house gives isolation and marriage patner is found to be exploitative as rahu falls in 7th house?

So are there any combinations which reverse your 1st point? Somewhat of a general combination of Mars and saturn. In lagna, if it is close to bhaav madhya and the lagna lord is ill placed then such a ketu can certainly give health issues, a bad temper and early death depending on the severity of afflictions.

In this scenario ketu replicating mars will give raj yoga provided the lagna lord and depositor of ketu is strongly placed as well. Jupiter and Ketu in Cancer. I am just wondering if there could be a possibility for a generic response for this combination, specifically about career.

I havent ever charged anyone money, idea is to spread knowledge for those who wish to dive into this topic. Jupiter, if placed strongly in 5th or 9th can make a person excel in teaching, education, consulting sort of roles, especially if it rules the 10th or has a connection with the 10th lord in 5th combining with ketu, it will give a spiritually oriented mind also and good wisdom accumulated over the years. The person will have a benevolent disposition and be sensitive and compassionate in nature.

Saturn in close conjunction with ketu in vrischik rashi vishakha nakshtra in 4th house for leo lagna.. Shukra in 7th house in kumbha. Lagnesh ravi conjunct guru in 6th house. How will be the ketu mahadasha.. Shani ketu are already giving delay in marriage.

Marriage will be delayed even denied during ketu dasa, even if it occurs, will not be smooth. Sir, I have ketu conjunction with Mars in Gemini in 12th house. I am cancer ascendant. Is it harmful because my 5th Lord is with ketu in 12th house. It can mean a career in a distant place from home…even some travel abroad for work. Hi ji I have Ketu in second house Virgo closely conjunct Mercury — less than one minute apart.

So its a nakshatra exchange with lagna Lord. Ketu Mahadasha is coming soon. Will it be good or bad? My health has been poor since onset of mercury mahadasha with serious debilitating lung affliction. Ketu and Mercury are both in Aquarius navamsa and its exalted mercury in many divisional charts as well as main chart. Sorry, i dont do personal readings. My advise to you — little knowledge is dangerous what you have mentioned is not possible. If ketu is in 2nd house in virgo, then it can not be in magha which is in Leo. A generic question Does the presence of rahu or ketu alone in 5th house along with 5th lord in dushtana house and combust jupiter deny childbirth and education?

Thank you. So does that mean that while analysing education 5th house is not important rather its primary importance is in analysis of children? Each bhaav has multiple significations. Thank you again. Would this principle lagna degree, dignity of lord and bhaav karaka apply to any functional malefic?

Venus in Kanya There will also be tendency to suddenly have a temper at times. Thanks very Much VS ji…. Really enlightened by your articles…. Can this person learn astrology….. I have conjunction of ketu and Mercury in 1st house. What is its malefic effects. Please tell me. Like if you have a headache, it could be just stress, it could be dehydration, it could be a stroke or a side effect of a medicine etc.

Thank You for replying me. The last time when I asked you something I did not read this page but now I read it. I have this power in me. Anyways thank you. VS ji, Does a retro planet give result of the Rasi it is placed and also the previous rasi??? Not really of rasi behind it, though it will have a tendency to have some effects of the previous one, especially if its close in degrees to the previous one within 6 to 8 degrees of the rashi.

In the moon tara system we get the vipat sampat and other categories of nakshatras. Hi its a good question however, the nakshatra effect is usually more subtle. It is more relevant for transits It does work in the mahadasha as well but only in a subtle manner. Thank you VSji…. Correct me of i am wrong.

Neechabhanga Raja yoga

More important in transit is the location from moon, lagna and the other planets. So rahu in 8th will damage lets say the peace of mind, the health and finances. VS, I was just reading this in full; it is really impressive of course assuming the things you have stated are true, which I absolutely have faith in. Sri VS: Ketu alone in Gemini 5th, 4 degrees , asc degree is 29; what is the indication?

Dear sir. Astrology books mentioned it as bad for the personality. So is ketu beneficial for my lifeaccording to my nawamsa chart. As well as the placement and dignity of the lord of nakshatra of lagna — these are the basic things you have to first look for to give any judgement on the personality. Transits only reconfirm or negate an event destined. Sir can you kindly make us understand the concept and how much importance to be given to it. VS Sir, Can you explain the Rasi chart and bhav chalit chart with an example that a planet goes in a different house and how to intepret.

The rasi chart is to be used to see the dignity or color of the planet as in how happy or not it is …distance from bhav Madhya or what some call the most effective point same as lagna degree is how strong the bhav will precipitate the effects of a particular bhav it sits in and aspects. Will she have a happy married life or mars and ketu combination can destroy her husband.

No kuja dosha in this scenario. A malefic planet like Mars is most benefic for Cancer and Leo lagnas, how ever what is its effect of such Mars in malefic house? Does it still give effect of 5th and 10th houses or does it give effect of the house that it is placed in? What is the effect of Mars in 8th house with Rahu for Cancer lagna? Putra karaka is placed in 10th house Aries.

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Any planet will predominantly affect the houses in sits in and aspects. It will also carry forward its functional house ownership and generic effects with it. A sum and overlap of these things along with the planets that conjunct or aspect it, is the effects it will finally dispose. No to all 3. Sir: one of your answers Partial aspects and sign rashi aspects are important but at a deeper level.

They add more color to a known information. A computer can do all sorts of complex calculations. Yet it cant be a good astrologer simply because astrology needs a complex understanding of the rules and their actual application on the day to day life. This comes with experience and extensive case studies, which takes time and patience like any other profession.

VS Sir: What result does a debilitated planet gives if its dispositor is also debilitated.. Is it true that after the age of 40 all the calculations general and transits are to be seen from Moon. Thank you note —————— Vivek, your time spent in answering so many of my questions is deeply appreciated. Why the 11th? Kindly expand. I also learnt from you that generally planets in the 11th will do well. Can you kindly explain the apparent contradiction?

Secondly, about the 6th from the 6th analysis.. I have learnt from you about the nth bhaav from a karaka like 5th from the house from the lagna and the 5th from the karaka of that house. Do we analyze this way nth bhaav from nth bhaav for all bhaavs? And why? Very much anticipating your answer to this.. Good and bad is relative planets in 11th can give gains especially monetary gains.. Negative events can happen with mother and other members of the family. Can you help? Ketu conjunct Mars in scorpio in 11th house for a Capricorn ascendent, what kind of karmic obligations in this birth does it represent?

What must such an individual do to rectify his karmas, and what actions he should take to improve the deficiencies? This question only from a ketu conjuct mars stand alone point of view. Kota chakra concepts are to be utilized more in the context of transit only and not for the natal horoscope if the above combination occurs in the basic horoscope, it can make for a very spiritual person granted moon is placed well in the chart. Sri VS: When Ketu is closely conjuct Venus no saturn in the mix , does it give a lack of sexual desire? If true, if Ketu is within a degree of venus and Ketu wins could it point to even worse problems?

Hello sir my lagna kumbh from lagna 6th house rahu, 8th house guru and sani 11th house sun,Venus,budh,moon 12th house mars and ketu. However these characteristics will be hidden in your personality. Hi VS, thanks for the great insights here. I had once heard someone say that this combination is not desirable in any house. Also, I wonder which lagna and Rasi would this combination be most desirable for if at all? Yes I have seen it extremely good in many cases. I personally know 3 people doing great in life with that.

Just to make sure I follow: in your example Aries ascendant , it would essentially imply that lagna lord Mars is not considered afflicted by its conjunction with Ketu in the 10th house nor by the 7th aspect of Rahu? Jupiter in 7th house. Is the combination of three good for her?

Specifically for health?

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Hi Priya, impossible to answer with incomplete data and unfortunately I dont do personal readings for now. From what you have written here, there are no specific indications to show any harm to health as such, if problems, you should fast on her behalf for 16 fridays for venus. Pieces Guru in 1st house and ketu in 5th house of cancer.

The lord of 5th house moon is in3rd house exalted as it is Taurus. Will the native children be affected in any way? When will native have children? I can not say sir, the whole horoscope has to be seen, which unfortunately I can not do right now. You need to consult an astrologer with good knowledge for individual queries.

This website and its intent is purely act as a catalyst for learning for budding astrology aspirants. This is a great article. Please write similar articles for Mercury,Venus, Juptier and other planets as well. I was diagnosed with tuberculosis 2 months from the onset of ketu dasa for which I am still under medications for last 4 years. I have ketu and Jupiter conjunction and ketu exalted in scorpio. Why did illness occur during an important phase of my life. I was just married when I had the disease.

This is delaying child birth. Even though ketu exalted this dasha has given nughtmares to me. What could be the season. I can suggest — look at the association with saturn and rahu and also check mars as the ruler of scoprio. Look at lagna lord and 6th lord and bhaavs for health related issues.. Does Rahu in 12 from lagna and Ketu in 6th and 12th from moon , while Saturn in lagna, 5-degree away from Mars in 1st, does this cause life-long health complications of severe kinds? The lady been suffering from slipped-disc and sciatica pain.

Any hope of healing? She is planning to retire from societies and live as a monk. Poor karmas. Saturn also afflicting lagna and moon is weak and afflicted. However ketu amplifies anything it touches. It makes the person a saint by karmic nature, how much it will manifest in this life will depend on many other planetary positions etc. Does this apply to conjunction only? Any amount of self reading will not give me this much clarity in this subject.. Hello sir, My daughter is under ketu MD since nov..

Her moon sign is xancer and. Dear Sir. Hello VS: I am analyzing a case of death by drowning. The death happened in Ketu dasa towards the end in Mercury bhukti. Capricorn asc with Rahu in the 1st, Ketu in the 7th a malefic in the 7th can become a maraka planet in Saturn nakshatra, Ketu is weak trinal degrees to Moon maraka lord in Scorpio Moon is in Mercury nakshtra too. Asc lord close conjunction with 8th lord Sun and Mercury in 6th. Saturn and agitated by each other and aspect Moon.

In transit, Jupiter is in the 7th and Saturn is in the asc Rahu is the asc, sudden events? Can Rahu in lagna add to the suddenness? Thanks VS. After a little more anlyzing, I conclude the following: Saturn is lagna lord and its aspect on Moon cannot be bad and Moon is not disturbed — hence Saturn is not a factor.

Ketu is in maraka sthaana and sitting in Ardra. My ascendant is virgo. Ketu is exalted in 4th house in purva ashada nakshatra placed in sagittarius and aspected by Mars. Jupiter is placed in 2nd house in Libra aspected by sun. Moon in cancer in punsrvasu nakshatra. My ketu MD will start soon. My question is whether ketu is benefic or malefic in my case and whether there will be serious problem related to my mother,family,property and job.

Though ketu is exalted.. How than can it create a saintly person? Second question I have is that Ketu causes obstacles and impediments. Is this applicable to the planets he is conjunct with or the depositor karaka, or both. And does this obstacle and impediments happen during the dasha of the planets PAC with Ketu. Your response and thoughts on this is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and patience. However they also behave much like the rasi lord that they sit in as well as any planet that conjuncts or aspects them.

Hello sir Retrograde Saturn in the 6th house in sagittarius. Can you kindly opine? If a planet is a functional benefic as well as a natural benefic, then its aspect is always positive no matter what. Hello VS: When moon and ketu sit in uttarabdadrapada what is the effect on the persons mind? Pisces is an emotional sign , hence asking. Ketu in Libra by indianastrologyhoroscope.

Mesha Aries. Vrishabha Taurus. Mithun Gemini. Karka Cancer. Simha Leo. Kanya Virgo.

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Tula Libra. Vrishchik Scorpio. Dhanu Sagittarius. Makar Capricorn. Kumbh Aquarius. Meen Pisces. Ketu in Libra zodiac Dragon's tail in Tula rashi.