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If there is an intercepted zodiac sign in the 7th house, you will have to take this sign into account too. Indeed, in the latter case you will have to blend both signs to find out who s he is more about it in a second. What we are looking for is not the zodiac sign as such on the Descendant this is of secondary importance too but the element it belongs to.

The elemental analysis is the first thing to do and this will bring you to the Sun sign of the partner you are attracted to. Let's take a look.

In many instances, this rule works wonderfully well and even points to the Sun sign of your husband or wife. In other words, it does not indicate the one you MUST have to build an enduring love union with.

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Even when the rule applies, divorces and separations happen, depending on the ruler of the 7th house and other factors and configurations in your horoscope. When there is an intercepted sign in the 7th house , we just mentioned to blend both zodiac signs to find the partner type you are attracted to. We will now give an example on how to proceed to make this clear. If viewing this from a past life standpoint, a Moon line could indicate where the person might have spent other lifetimes.

What is the zodiac's descendant sign?

This is a really good place to go if you were to write a book, or to study. It's also a great place to learn the various ways of verbally connecting with others. This is the influence everyone wants to know about, because under a Venus line there is an emphasis on relationships. Love and marriage can be found under these lines, and person could meet someone under this line. The key here is that the person will have opportunities to look at his or her own ability to be intimate with others.

There is a craving for companionship and pairing up. Since Venus also has to do with aesthetics, luxury, money, beauty, and sensuality, these, too, are emphasized under a Venus line.

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By and large, this is a very positive influence. Mars has a natural tendency to be rather combative. For a woman, this isn't necessarily be the best place to live as it might mean fighting off unwanted men.

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But, in other ways, it could be energetic, passionate and exciting to live under a Mars line. The lessons here relate to self-assertion and self-sufficiency. Next to Venus, Jupiter is probably the most beneficial line to be living under. Success, prosperity, social acceptance, and often just a whole lot of fun can be found under a Jupiter line.

Descendant Reveals What We Reject in Ourselves & Project Onto Others

This is where someone could become prominent in the community, or have more than what they ever dreamed. How to calculate the descendant Calculate descendant: This is simple because it lies directly opposite from the ascendant. Hence, every person who knows their ascendant can easily determine the descendent from there. And yet there is another even simpler but a hundred percent reliable way of calculating that sign: As everyone knows, the horoscope comprehends twelve zodiac signs.

Transiting Planets Across The Descendant / Astrology Houses

In order to verify the descendant, you can follow another six signs in the zodiac band in ascending or in descending order to get to your descendant. There can be no mistake and you don't even have to look at your birth chart to get to a correct result. Find your Ascendant in this table.

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